Hump Day brings us MORE NEW CHALLENGES!

We haven’t done “Tempo” in a loooooong time. To simplify, with a squat, which is what were using this with today, there are four numbers in a Tempo:  for the squat it would 1) the down, 2) any pause at the bottom, 3) the up, and 4) time before the next rep at the top. Today our tempo is:
3-3-3-1.  That means a 3 second descent, a 3 second pause at the bottom (or on the box today), a 3 second rise and a 1 second pause at the top before returning to the next rep. Slowing down the reps gives us more time under tension, and more opportunity to “feel” every rep!

We’ll barbell push press and Romanian DL next.

We kick up the intensity with a good long cardio/core EMOM combo, and finally cash out with another session of shoulder taps!

Hump Day Complete!