Today’s workout gives the athlete a chance to go heavy on their loads.  Not every athlete will want to or need to go heavy today. For example, if you haven’t had enough exposure to the movement, or if the movement puts you at risk at higher loads, of course, we’re not going to go heavy. But if we can, we will.

We start with a traditional weightlifting set of barbell front squats, hang power clean and jerks and deadlifts. Oh, the potential…it excites us! We’re getting stronger today for sure.  We have some basic accessory work in between our strength movements. One of our accessory movements is new: it’s called “Rope-a-Dope”. If you know boxing, it’s not actually a “rope-a-dope”, but because it has roots in boxing, that’s what we’re calling it. New is fun!

The majority of the day is tied up in lifting, but we will cash out with some plyometrics (#buildthosebones) and a fun new drill call the Sobriety Drill😂.

Let’s end the day knowing we got stronger, learned new movements,  and challenged ourselves to get better.