It’s FRI-YAY!!

We’re going to change things up and START WITH BALANCE. So, knowing we always end with balance – doing it when you’re tired – you should slay this challenge!

Again, today, we start with barbell back squats.  We are going to get better at these by sheer volume of practice…whether you like it or not! 😈

Friday’s are for metabolic conditioning. And boy-oh-boy are we going to work today:

You have two back-to-back 8-minute AMRAPs with a 5-minute rest in between. In part one we’ll cycle between some dumbbell Olympic work, a basic bodyweight movement to bring your heart rates down a bit, and then a heavier deadlift. After sufficient rest, we’ll do it again with higher reps but less load, and as teams of 2…so you’ll have some programmed rest. While this will be a good challenge for you, you’ll be so excited that you climbed this mountain!

We’ll cool you down and cash out with some accessory and bodybuilding work.

After this week, y’all deserve a cocktail or a cookie! (but not both – “a-wink-a-wink”😉)