Wednesday is our heavy day; our chance to get stronger. Ed and I (Sam here) were training last weekend and the workout ended with a long-ish 200M Overhead Walking Lunge – we (well some of us 😉) carried plates overhead during the lunge.  Ed was commenting to some of the “ladies” …”wow girls, your shoulders will look fantastic – you look strong!”. One of them replied, “don’t say that to me, I want to look petite”. (#facepalm)

NO YOU DON’T! Your natural stature will dictate your petiteness or heftiness, but there is no replacement for being strong. None. Period. End of story!

Moving on…today we’ll do all things fun and heavy: Barbell Front Front Squats, Odd Object Overhead Pressing, and some good old-fashioned barbell deadlifts.

After all the heavy stuff, we’ll do some unilateral work…and more unilateral work to end our day.