Start today with this:

Today is National Get Up Day. Inspired by the U.S. Figure Skating Team! While the goal of the movement is to be able to pick yourself up when you’re down (figuratively), with Legends, let’s use it literally. One of our goals is to ensure that if you fall, you can get up on your own. Think about it: independence, right? So, welcome Monday! Welcome National Get Up Day! (And if you are not new to Legends, you’ll know this day should rather be named: National Burpee Day!)

Today’s workout began, after a spirited warm-up, with our typical four-rounder….one day Ed is going to give us five rounds and mess us all up! You’ll see some challenges with your WB load and throwing height today,  as well as a “ground-to-overhead” challenge that will allow some of us to play with a single-arm snatch if your mobility permits!

ANOTHER challenge today, starting with PVC’s, will be playing around with the overhead squat. This is one of the more challenging movements in our arsenal that often sits on the shelf due to its complexity for aging athletes.

Serratus pushups show up today to round out some accessory work, and we finish with a standard push/pull.

Happy Monday Legends!