10 years ago we were babies. Though we were in our 40’s, if we knew then what we know now…but isn’t it always that way? Hindsight?

10 years ago Ed and I started CrossFit Rebels in half the space we have now, with a fraction of the membership and coaching base. Did we know what we were doing? No. Pardon the language, but “Hell to the no!”. So, why did Rebels flourish? Super simple:

  • a passion for CrossFit and the sport of fitness,
  • an equal passion for health and wellness,
  • a love of people and a sense of responsibility for the community’s overall well-being, and
  • a desire to be a positive influence on everyone we came in contact with

It was never about us. It was always about the coaches and the athletes.  It was always about the community.

During our journey, Ed developed the Legends Program. This program is CrossFit with special considerations for those aged 65 and up. And by “65 AND UP” we mean UP!  The average age of our Legends athletes is 80.  This program is AMAZING.

Pre-COVID, we had over 60 members in the Legends Program alone. SIXTY! That’s an average size CrossFit gym! Unheard of. Obviously, to toot our own horns, we are good at this.

Our goal, since 2017 has been to focus on building this program in a way that we could easily teach other CrossFit gyms or other “gyms” how to do it so that we could serve this community on a broader scope. It IS a specialty and DOES require an additional set of skills.

Alas, no matter how hard we tried, we could never find a structure that allowed us the time to attack this goal. Hence the reason we decided to sell Rebels.

Enter 2020 – what a freaking year. There’s no sophisticated way to express what happened in 2020. What we know and where we worried the most, is that the toll isolation took on our Legends Athletes was serious. If ever there was a population that needed to “move its DNA”, seniors need to move. They need to congregate. And they can’t lose strength. The COVID closure of the gym checked all of those boxes in a bad way. Stay at home orders, physical and social distancing, and general lack of physical activity…we were worried. We still are worried about some of them who are yet to return.

What did we learn? As quickly as our seniors lose their strength, and to a certain extent their hope, they can get it back! COVID allowed us to visualize something new and how to do it.

GrandMastersRX is the name of the new venture that Ed and I are hot on the trail of. We have a small team of people with us, including our coaches, who have the same love and desire to see this program get “out there”.

The goal? Mission? Put a Legends ….or maybe we should call it a  “GrandMastersRx” program… in every CrossFit Gym in the country that is interested in doing it, but perhaps doesn’t have the confidence, skills, education, or resources to do it. That’s what we’re here for – grow an educational company that provides in-person and online education and resources to help gym owners and coaches safely and effectively train seniors in CrossFit methodologies while addressing the most common health and generational challenges we see with them. Use our Legends Program as a flagship for training and practice. We have goals…BIG ONES.