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Inasmuch as we do not agree with the mainstream of how to condition masters, grandmasters and great-grandmasters athletes, we do love to run our athletes through this barrage of testing just to prove how incredibly outside the norm they are!

These are “standardized tests”, we don’t consider them functional, and are generally easy for our athletes.



4 MINUTES: Cycle between non-specific reps of: PVC Pass throughs, air squats


STATION 1- :30 sit to stand

For :30 starts from seated, arms crossed in front of you, sit down and stand up as many times as you can.


STATION 2- Get up and Go

Start seated, cannot use chair arms to get up, stand up and walk briskly 8 feet and return to seated, as fast as possible.  Record time.


STATION 3 –   :30 Arms Curls

Women 5# weights, Men 8# weights. Train dominant arm, seated, starting at full extension with wrist neutral (palm to body) rotating to palm up. Arm only has to break 90 degree mark. Max reps on dominant arm in :30. Record number. (to get a good workout – after you test, do as sett with the other arm, then repeat. Record Score.


STATION 4: 2 min HKM

AMRAP HKM. Record score.


All tests will be judged by a coach and scores recorded and posted later next week.