OBG horsing around above!


Monday Motivation: If you don’t use it, you lose it. That relates to the following:

  • muscle strength – being strong – you have to work to be strong
  • muscle endurance – being able to things for a long time – not getting tired quickly – you have to practice that!
  • bone density – you have to work at keeping it – when you don’t, it goes away
  • being fast – you have to work to remain fast – or you get slow

Our Monday workout helps with all of these things.

Today you’ll get TWO- four-rounders! Holy moley!

In the first, we’ll work on the following:

  • wall balls
  • kb swings
  • walking lunges

In the second, we’ll work on:

  • biceps curls
  • L-sits
  • lat pull downs
  • situps

A lot of volume in today’s training – show up!