Before we dive into our Wednesday workout…some shameless sel-promotion!

Above is one promotional image for this Saturday’s Seminar: Growing Old and Staying Young. Now, while you can the full-Magilla HERE, a quick snippet:

If you’re reading this you know that Ed and I (Sam here) have worked together for years (crazy, right?)… in this industry for over 15 years, and in a similar but slightly more sterile version of this industry for all our professional years prior. It’s funny when we get texts, emails, and articles from athletes, friends, and acquaintances that reference “WHAT YOU SHOULD DO TO AGE SUCCESSFULLY”. Um…we get it. The question is “Do you get it?”.

Sometimes when we’re coaching, we’re engrossed in your movement, your load, and how you’re working around age-long imbalances or deficits….you guys are definitely more complicated to coach than a 30-year-old with no orthopedic, metabolic, and frankly life stressors. Seniors are complicated…and yet they can move as beautifully, gain muscle as masterfully, and grace our lives as easily as young people. So, sometimes when we’re coaching we don’t get to point out the finer points of life that connect to what we’re doing in that ONE HOUR, three times a week. There’s a lot more about life to talk about that can contribute to YOUR life remaining active, healthy, and vibrant other than just training…although we consider that in the top 2.

So yes, this applies to you if you’re reading it, but it probably applies to your friends more. We’re not selling our program here…we’re preaching a lifestyle that anyone can adopt to live healthier, longer. Grab a ticket and bring a friend!

Back to our regular programming…

Today’s strength workout:

We’ll work out of our regular order today with our 5 minutes of pushups drill today. Tigher is lighter, prettier is powerful….lock into that hard plank and let’s push.

Then, we’re pushing again! A fun take on the push press.

Finally, barbell deadlift to round out the hump day.

If you complete today’s workout – you are stronger for it!