Good Morning Legends!

Before we get started, let’s tackle that 5 minutes of pushups again.

Then, our four-rounder today will have you all working on:

  • walking lunges
  • KB swings and DL’s
  • Planks

Then, in teams of 2, you’ll alternate between working on broad jumps and inch worms…yes, broad jumps. And we know that last week we posted a “controversial” social post about risk. We still believe in jumping for seniors – for more reasons that we can cover in a full page! But let’s leave our skeptics with this:

In our 7+ years of having a niche program for seniors, doing functional movements at moderate to heavy loads and working at moderate to high intensities, our injury rate is this (and yes, this is extrapolated from the actual number to the percentage):

5 in 130,000 encounters or visits or training sessions, or

.00003846, or


We consider “injuries”  medical attention requiring injuries, not overuse tendinitis – which face it: when you start sedentary for YEARS…any movement is going to produce discomfort. It’s a fact. In order to progress from the bottom up we have make small adjustments that can sometimes be “felt”.

All 5 of our “statistics” are back training (or have been) and one was a condition that can’t be attributed to training, but training aggravated it. Full transparency – our injuries were:

  • Fracture of pelvis from fall from bar or box (2)
  • Non-displaced, non-casted fracture of wrist
  • Non-displaced fracture of hand
  • Dislocated elbow…

…over a period of 9 years.

Yes, these are serious and it was awful and we were involved with the athletse from medical attention through recovery and “return to sport”…”sport”…funny how when it’s a kid it’s OK but when its someone who has to work harder for their functional independence, we want them to have less risk, do less and aren’t worried about nor validate “return to sport”. What a crock of sh#t. Our society has softened to the point of handicapping our seniors and creating an inevitable path to decline.

We feel strongly about the safety of our athletes, but also about their progress. There is risk in getting up and getting in the car when you’re over 70 (eyesight, hearing, reaction time)…so what? Stay home. You’re either with us or not. And if not, that’s OK. We have a waiting list and feel free to unfollow us. Public criticism of what we do shows ignorance…especially now that you see our injury rate and mentally wrangle with “return to sport”. Committing seniors to a slow weak death by not allowing them to “have a sport” is, again, bullsh#t.

Rant over! Have a nice day!