It took grit - this is the day OBG worked ...for a good get this 100# sand bag over a 5 foot bar. GRIT!


I never have enough time to do things like this – WRITE STUFF! (Coach Sam here, obviously).
Every year I hear many of our athletes, my friends (and yes, I say it to myself)…

“This is the year I’m going to get my sh#t together!”

Yup, I say it, too.
Every year I’ve had things on my list like:
  • Have a bigger DL
  • Rep out 25 Thrusters at 65# UB
  • Strict RMU
  • Strict HSPU

And those were my younger days. Now, having aged up (like a knife to the heart!), I still have the same goals, but they’re broader.

With that big DL is the goal of getting stronger – more strength training – so the DL isn’t the only thing that goes up.

With those thrusters is a better, more dialed-in diet so my knees don’t hurt when I squat.

And with all that strict gymnastics work is a 10# bodyweight loss so my gymnastics are easier.

Yes, I have goals too.


A couple of ladies I have a lot of respect for. They're diligent, and they both have grit.

One thing I DO know after having coached CF for almost 17 years now 😅, and GENERALLY following my own advice (walking the walk…): there are a few very basic things that always help. The problem is, a month or two into our goals and it becomes easy to lose sight of them.

Usually, your CF gym, coaches, and friends, can find a way to keep you accountable, but even coaches have hearts sometimes and as we watch body weights go up, attendance in class becomes less consistent and, well, when it’s obvious you’re “enjoying retirement too much” (hint, hint…we can smell the rum!)…it’s sometimes hard for us to hit you over the head with those obvious obstacles.


So, here’s a start. A CrossFitters New Year starts after the Open (or QF’s)…set new goals and keep getting better. Here are a few things that,t if you address them honestly, will help you have a better open next year:

  1. Work toward your ideal body weight.
    • This is probably number one on the list for those of us with some athletic aspirations. Gymnastics are easier. Inflammation is lower. Metabolic “issues” are less.  Effort in almost everything is less. If this has been your obstacle in both training and health, prioritize this to the top. EVERYTHING will be easier. And ready for a slap in the face? If you’re not sure what the goal is – use a standard resource. Even if you can get “in a normal zone”, that’s goal number one. Then you can refine it. Here are two good resources for ideal body weight:
    • And don’t worry – these are ranges, but getting into normal is goal 1 – then you can refine it.
    • Next problem: you don’t know how right? Or do you? Use a food log or tracker – and log a week. If you think it’s too much trouble…then this isn’t a priority. Making change takes effort – do it! This year!
  2. In class, focus on your weaknesses with the same vigor you lean into your strengths.
    • When we program ring rows – do you set your angle and put your feet in a place that’s just easy enough that you can do all…say 10, in a row? Really? Make things hard. Harder. You have us for one hour three times a week. Use us – make things harder. Do hard things. Accept the challenge. You know the old saying: there is no CHANGE without CHALLENGE!
  3. Train more, not less.
    • Oh, I can’t wait for the hecklers here! YES! More exposure to challenges is necessary. I didn’t say beat the crap out of yourself daily, but you train with us MWF. If you’re a self-starter – use Open Gym to work on the things you suck at (let me help: all things bodyweight… push-ups, pulling, higher box step-ups, start jumping….). If you’re not a self-starter, then you can do things at home too. How about covering as much distance in one hour as possible – walking, jogging, “wogging”? How about 10 minutes a day – AMRAP Burpess? There are things you can do – you just have to do them. Move more, not less.
  4. Get honest with yourself – have a voice that’s going to make you better, versus giving you the same trophy everyone else in 9th place got (ouch!).
    • We don’t need 3 pages of goals. We need 3. Ideally, the first one is the one that’s been a goal for YEARS now. Write it down.
    • But be honest – if it’s weight loss do it. Don’t wait for something to go wrong (bad blood work, a “disease”, …something) before you take care of it. You may be surprised that losing weight takes care of a lot of other things. I know I’m harping on it, but it’s important.
  5. Look outside what you think you know.
    • It’s the fly beating its head against the wall scenario. Ed will often say, when confronted with an overly confident person with a chronic problem and all the answers…”how’s that working for you”? It’s time for some humble pie, guys. If you’re not seeing results with the intervention you’ve chosen, maybe it’s the intervention…maybe it’s what you’re doing. Change your strategy before you look for another problem.
    • Take responsibility for your
      • Own health
      • Bodyweight
      • Strength
      • Ability
    • Listen to Ed at the start of every class – he’s usually teasing, but also hitting you over the head with a stick!


Yes, there was a lot of broad and maybe esoteric “stuff” here. I’d rather say it’s blunt. It’s needed…and this is a great time to change direction and make some real progress. Your “new year” starts on Saturday – not three months ago. Use the opportunity!