Leaning into challenges on this January Monday. We know you’re not here to socialize (well, maybe after), but rather to get stronger, more mobile…fitter.  So today, here are some suggestions for how to progress. It’s easy to get stuck in “this is what I do” or “this is what I’m going to do”, especially at our age. HOWEVER, without a little nudge or challenge to do more, trust us, you’ll do less.  Human nature. So let’s work!


Our four rounder today will see more wall balls, rope-a-dope, heavy ball slams and more challenging step ups. Today, you WILL NOT argue with your coach if they ask you first go higher on your step before you weight it. We’re working on an open standard of a med ball weighted box step up (yes, this was in the open). But we’re not adding load until we’ll at the Rx height and until we’re proficient at that height. Get it right first, and then elevate the intensity.

We’ll finish up with an alternating EMOM of shuttles.  Running or “wogging”…we’re moving!

Starting off the year right!