We rarely cut corners on feeding our blog, but we have some exceptions this week so our training for the week is as follows:


With our demographic we rarely have a workout like you will have today. It’s called the Bear Complex, and you will spend the entire class working on this. You have to be a semi-independent thinker to get through this as it’s written so coaches will be on hand to guide you through loads. You will complete 5 rounds of 7 cycles of a barbell complex, increasing loads every round. You’ll have a buddy counting cycles and rounds for you because for sure, it’s easy to get lost in the “flow”. Good luck!


We’re watching the storm for Tuesday Open Gym, private clients and gymnastics classes. Stay tuned.


Watching the storm here, but if we do make it in, here’s the plan:
We’re lifting! Squat cleans for your squat, bear crawl/walk for loading the shoulders, and lots of deadlifts!


Usual Open Gym, Cardio class scheudle


More lifting. You’re in a heavy week – it’s good to change it up!

You’ll backsquat, strict press and hit up a little cardio in the end.

Hope everyone stays safe this week!