Weak. Things. Break.

It’s not OK to be weak. Unless you can prove no societal, familial, or even emotional burden (to your family, friends, or community …taxes pay for Medicaid/uninsured healthcare), it’s not OK to be weak.  Why? Weakness and frailty are two of the major reasons for the aging burden on families and societies. And we’re speaking about being physically weak…don’t get us started on being emotionally weak. Toughen up, folks! (I wanted to use another slang term but Ed told me no…but if you want to know “go here”, definition #2.

Fun spin on our strength today. Let’s speed it up! Our squat will be in the form of a complex that includes a front squat…but the clean pull and power clean that precede it are GOOD FOR YOU. Move fast, be fast. Move slow, be slow. Your cadence speaks volumes!

Next you’ll combine your press and push press.

And finally…yes, barbell deadlift.

Awesome Hump Day!