We’re coming up on the 6th month of 2023. How are we doing? Goals, fitness, health? Friendly reminder to “snap to it!”.

Hang onto your boots because this is a spirited attempt to let you know we expect more of you than what we’re seeing.

The Wednesday after the holiday brings us only two things…you may say “what a great strength day”…but what’s really happening is we’re testing your ability to use this system we’ve created. This is not Silver Slippers or a boot camp where you can make up your own version of what we’re doing. We really do have a plan, and a system…and the resistance lately is noted.

Today is a test. After a spirited warm up, you’ll team up for a partner on a strength-biased barbell complex alternating every minute. You’ll share a barbell, but can use different loads. Also, you’ll need to increase your load each round. This means…plate changes every round. Yea…it’s a thing! You’ll have to think and move. This is a part of the system: not the coach getting and changing your weights…that’s called “private training” and the rate is $60/hour not $8/class. Snap to it people…time to act like you train in a CrossFit Affiliate.  This is a skill complex but you still need to challenge yourself with loads.

Our second and final piece is another test. With a partner and a barbell, you’ll challenge yourself to compete 51 deadlifts and 51 sit-ups, not for time, but also at a purposeful pace. Each of the 4 rounds of deadlifts you’ll increase your load as the reps go down. Yes, that means carrying plates to your bars and changing back and forth if you and your partner want to do different loads. It’s not hard, but it takes effort – and that’s what you are here for: to put forth effort.

Again, today is a test. Let’s see if you’ve got it.