3,2,1, GO!

Weak. Things. Break. <- our Wednesday Motto

Our Hump Day starts with our FIRST of many weeks working on our front squat – mobility in the thoracic spine, wrists, hips, and ankles. At our age, we have a lot to “mobilize” and we tend to prefer doing it actively and dynamically than with static stretching – although that has its place.  So front squats and jump rope for part one.

Part two will be the long sit dumbbell press. Challenging to the core and the shoulder AND the thoracic spine. Lean into it. Go lighter and reap the benefits of the mobility this gives you if you let it (oh and the hammies on some of you! 😈). We’ll alternate this movement with an active hang and knee-ups of leg levers.

And our third part – the deadlift, will be the traditional BB DL in 5’s and 3’s.

We’ll cash out with some max effort reps in situps.

Strong Hump Day, it is!