Coach Trish put herself out there for her first "Public" Open. She killed it. Suffer a few war wounds along the way. Here coach is Ed is trying to figure out where this came from!?!

Happy Monday, folks!

Here we go. It’s March! Good grief we’re a month into the first quarter – where is time going? We don’t know about you guys but if you’re the New Years Resoution type,  we’re two months in…how are we doing? Or, if you’re the post-Open type, your clock starts now. Goals, people. Set them. Crush them. Rinse and repeat.

Today we have a pretty diverse four-rounder. We’ll see rope-a-dopes, wall balls (wall ball: the opportunity to excel at a powerful squat), mountain climbers (keep those butts down or we’ll shoot them off like a sniper!), and a few rounds of a Bear Complex – preparing for that WOD.

In teams of 2 we’ll work some core drills.

And then we’ll cash out with more core/gymnastics shaping and forming.

Good solid Monday.