Yes, we take this very seriously – Ed and Sam always have. The CrossFit Open isn’t just another competition. It’s THE CrossFit Competition that leads to the CrossFit Games. The standards, the opportunities, the excitement…we are very excited to once again host the Open!

Beginning this Saturday, we will host the 2023 CrossFit Open. This and the next two Saturdays will be dedicated to hosting and judging our 26+ athletes who are officially registered to compete in the Open this year.

The schedule is above. Find your favorite athlete and show up to cheer them on.

Our athletes are paired with a judge and a coach. The coach(es) upholds their strategy that they determined in practice, keeps them calm, and pushes them when needed. The judge upholds the standards and is in charge of the scorecards, and the infamous “no reps” – though we pray those are few and far between.

This is a very exciting time of year when we celebrate senior athletes doing hard things. This is the theme of our box…don’t coddle the seniors. We can do hard things too, and when we do, our health, our fitness and our functional abilities improve. So the Open fits right into our way of life here.

The ages of those participating are inspiring. There are:

  • 3 athletes in their 80’s
  • 9 athletes in their 70’s
  • 7 athletes in the age category 60-65
  • 6 athletes in the age category 60-64
  • and 2 athletes in the age category 55-59

We are definitely representing solely masters! Come and see what we can do!