Happy Holiday GrandMasters Family and Friends!

Yes, it’s the end of the year and what a year! Coach Sam here, messaging for both Ed and I. It’s been a fast year – we blinked and it’s almost over. So before it’s COMPLETELY OVER, we wanted to send out some holiday and end of year thoughts.

Most obviously, Merry Christmas! Whatever you believe or celebrate today, whether it be your religious beliefs or just the ability to be with family and/or friends that are like family, we genuinely wish for you a warm and love-filled day. However you spend it, may your heart be full and your day be spent with people who bring joy to your life.

You are in control of your environment. You really are! You are in control of your life. Make it what you want. But prioritize the things that make you happy and create the backdrop for the best version of yourself. Regardless of what that might be, we all have our own “perfect versions” of what we want to do and be, who we want to spend time with, and how we want to spend our time. No  matter what your age, you are in control (as long as you’re of legal age😂). The end of the year is always a great time to plan for the upcoming year and make changes to what you’d like to do better or to where you’d like to make improvements. Obviously our “thing” is health and fitness, so may we nudge you to think about the following:

  • Shore up your posse. In other words, make sure you have that group of people (whether it be family or friends) who you spend time with, who fill up the voids in your life, and who support you.
  • Sleep. When we were young, we used to say “sleep when you’re dead”. Now we know if you don’t sleep you will be dead! Quality and quantity of sleep matter. If it’s broken in your life fix it. If you don’t know how, ask! ( Yes, we can guide you…)
  • Exercise. If you’re younger, it’s a part of making you look good. It makes everyone feel better. And if you’re older, it’s imperative for health and quality of life. We’ll just leave it at that because you all know how we feel about it.
  • Eat right and hydrate. Again, you all know how we feel about this too! Eat whole foods or those are in their most natural form. Lead with protein. We know you’re sick of hearing us say this, so do it and we’ll shut up! Don’t fear healthy, naturally occurring fats. Fat doesn’t make you fat. Fruits and vegetables are great. And starches in their most natural form are and can also be healthy. If you think your body is your temple, then feed it temple-worthy food.
  • Be of service. Whether it’s taking care of family,  volunteering or spending time doing something that makes someone else’s life better,  however you do it, you’ll find that giving of yourself is the cure for many of mental and emotional woes we feel.

Ed and I are very grateful this year for our GrandMasters Family our Rebels Family…yes, once family always family.

Thank you to our GrandMasters Coaches and Athletes, especially in the last 5 months as you have allowed us to split our mental and physical energies between the gym and “treatment”. Next week “treatment” is over and we will re-enter some normalcy with our schedules and get back to prioritizing life for both us and you all. One thing this has taught us is that having your health is the most important aspect of quality of life. No one should have to schedule their lives around doctors appointments and “treatments”…and you should be adjusting everything in your life within your control to prevent that – solely be improving your health. We know, for some who are at a point this isn’t possible, but for those of you who do still have control, make the changes.

Our coaches have selflessly stepped up and taken over when Ed and I needed to be together and we’re forever grateful.

Finally, in the last year and a half that we’ve trained the athletes in this gym, we continue to be bludgeoned with the obvious but unknown, or the obvious but unbelievable. Regardless of age, moving well is possible. Getting stronger is possible. Getting “fitter” is possible. Progress may not be linear like it is when we’re young, but it’s possible. It may take a unique approach where weighing risk and reward looks a little different. Without challenge there is no change, but also, oftentimes, without risk there is no reward. This is where our concern for seniors doing “too much” often works against our desire to improve their quality of life.  What has become obvious is that expecting less of people as they get older produces less….less fitness, poorer mobility and strength and declining health.  Expect more of yourself and the seniors in your life. If you’re younger, expect more of your parents and grandparents. They’re not old and frail. They’re seasoned and ripe with potential, and we need to help society change what we expect from seniors. We need to revel in what they can do. Only then will we be extending the health span and enhancing their true quality of life.

Happiest of holiday days to all of you and your families. Enjoy Christmas. Enjoy a day off training Monday (remember, we’re closed Monday!). And know that however your overindulge, Coach Ed will get you for it on Wednesday! 😂

Much Love,

Ed and Sam