Muscle is denser than fat. It "weighs the same"...5 lbs is 5 lbs. But 5 lbs of muscle occupies less space than 5 lbs of fat. This is why we try to build muscle and lose body fat - toward our ideal body weight. Muscle is also more metabolic than fat. Carrying 5 lbs of muscle will take more energy to maintain (burn more calories) than maintaining 5 lbs of fat. So many reasons to build muscle and lose fat!

Monday’s four-rounder will have you pulling from the rings, swinging kettlebells, planking from the wall (say what?), and working some heavy wall ball push presses.

Then, in teams of 3, we’ll work on lunging and bear crawls…a little rest but mostly an AMRAP of loading your butts and shoulders.  What a way to start the week. 😉