I’ve never had short hair. Nor was this planned. And it’s completely out of control! Shooting for a little Meg Ryan, and ended up with the mop head from the gym! (JK – I can make it crazy!)

Most of our friends are caught up on what I’m about to put out here…but it was suggested I do this so I’m complying ;). And keeping up with where we are is getting harder as we’re consumed in this a bit, so here’s a quicky update without a lot of fluff:

The middle to end of June we were pretty sure I had breast cancer. Confirmed in early July. No sad faces: 2nd most common kind. EXCELLENT prognosis. Additionally, I’m pretty healthy, so going into this that way was also a plus.
I had surgery on August 12th to remove the lump…and was on the pull up bar within a week. . All signs pointed to probably not needing much more than a little radiation and some aftercare.
Detour a few weeks ago when a genetic test highlighted a high-risk aspect of the type of cancer I had, so on with chemo we go.
My girl, Jamie, cut my hair into this adorable do (really looks better than the funny picture above) in preparation that doc says I’ll most definitely lose it. At least this was fun a for a while. I could probably hang with this style!
We’re within the first week of four cycles of chemo right now. This will repeat every 3 weeks for 3 more cycles. Our decision to do this was pretty intense – in the end, we believe the piece of mind it will give us for the next 10 years is important. It had nothing to do with the healthcare system but rather our research and counsel on if it would help prevent cancer from returning.
Work: trying to be at the gym as much as possible. It’s a good place for me. It’s always positive, and it makes me feel good. Some days, though…it’s been tough to get there. But I’m trying!
I’m by no means minimizing what’s going on, but sitting in the “chemo chairs” looking out at the people who were there at the same time I was….they’re sick. I’m not. I could tell that for many of them, this is not their first go around, and it is mine. Many looked like they didn’t feel well, but I did. For this reason, I AM minimizing what I’m going through because it could be a lot worse.
Ed and I talk all the time that if I weren’t as healthy as I was going into this, we can’t imagine how I’d feel. And I wasn’t even on top of my game in June! Now I have more motivation to get my sh#t together, as the strength to recover from anything (from COVID to Cancer) definitely starts with your current foundation – the stronger the better. So onward on that front!.
A quick thank you for all the words of encouragement and cards. My heart has been so full lately it’s hard to be sad. In fact, I think I’ve only cried a few times! Score!

Signing off that I’m grateful for family and friends and the tight community of support Ed and I have here in Clearwater and beyond. I’m usually a good writer, but not when it’s about myself – we’re pushing the focus off onto keeping everyone else healthy so if a challenge presents itself to you, you’re ready for it!