What’s missing in this picture?

If you’re a member, you probably guessed it…the red X’s. Almost two years ago in the “other gym”, we actually used caution tape to delineate set training areas that you didn’t move out of. On our Legends side, we used big blue squares.  Prior to COVID, this didn’t exist.  Almost two years ago we made you stand outside in the heat and come in one door only after the prior class had exited the other door.

New space, new challenges – less than one month into the opening of the “new” space, the AC unit helped spread one of the variants through the gym and we closed for two weeks. By now, almost all of us have had COVID and/or have been vaccinated. Most of you know that we are not mandating vaccines, but rather respecting personal health choices. And choices are personal, individual, and WILL be respected around here. Your opinion or choice may not be that of others and we won’t tolerate conflict related to this. We have been, and are, however, committed to doing our best to maintain a safe space inclusive of open-air, more fans (thank you to the community for our anniversary!), and continuing to wipe down equipment (even though the spread of COVID on surfaces is unlikely). By continuing to train, you are committing to a responsibility to others by coughing and sneezing into your arm or shirt, and being aware and sensitive that outward sickness may be perceived by others as spreadable.

Now, we are ALSO in the height of pollen season which is at its worst in years, and due to COVID cold and flu season was suppressed the last few years and it is returning.  Many of you know you have allergies and what those symptoms are. We respect that. We all suffer from “something”, and we don’t intend to let the ongoing over-worry about COVID prevent you from remaining healthy and living your life. That’s a sticky – wicket – I know! But guys, we’re not on serial lockdown – and this box is a part of most of our health care plans…it’s essential for our health.

If you watch the news, and most people our age still do to some degree, it’s full of new worries about COVID in the fall. I’m sure it’s piping up again…Florida was at 9% last time I looked, up from the “safe zone” of 5%. However, hospitals are not overrun, and even the Vice President is symptom-free. New COVID is running around like the cold and flu-like viruses do. We’re not downplaying it, but if you truly look at the data -it’s here to stay, and lessening by day in severity. We don’t wish for anyone to contract it – but like we said – most of us have actually had it, which boosts our natural antibodies and helps protect us from future disease. The goal, we all agree, prevent the spread. We know. But prevent the spread without taking away the things that keep us healthy and help us fight the disease: good diet, sunlight, good sleep, exercise, and socialization.

Please continue to support us as we move people around to best accommodate our limited space (still waiting on word re: space to expand) and the return of class sizes to normal. Our resources are strong – we have ample coaches – and if everyone spreads out well we have ample space. Our space was designed to accommodate the number of athletes now in the classes – many of you have gotten used to COVID-sized classes – trust us – our decisions are for the viability of the business so we can continue to provide our service with the membership base we have. We do believe with the AC off, the fans on, the doors open and everyone’s diligence, we’ll all be safe.

We do have a growing waiting list…and many of these potential new athletes are chomping at the bit to get it. We’ll continue to monitor the committed membership per class and open the waiting list for classes only when space allows.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support of Ed and me and the coaches and the community. THIS type of community is essential (in our humble opinion 😉) to both physical and mental health. We need to keep our eyes on the prize: improved strength and capacity, tolerance of the heat during the summer, and community. Love you guys!