Happy 7-year Legends/GMRX Anniversary to you and us!

It’s been 7 years to the day since Ed created the concept of the Legends Program for “living members” of Clearwater Osteoarthritis Study by The Arthritis Research Institute of America.  A change of direction for the organization from research to programs and services was the perfect opportunity to see how “lifestyle” can positively impact a person living with osteoarthritis. The research of this institute consistently produced data that maintaining an ideal body weight, exercise, and socialization helped to remediate the common symptoms of osteoarthritis. Well heck….we all know this right? Wrong. Not everyone knows it, and not everyone can design an exercise program that’s progressive enough to cause change (improve strength, balance, and mobility), be stimulating enough that people want to continue doing it, and provide a community that creates its own socialization…but Ed did. It was a risk because the style of the program is outside the norms of traditional thoughts on training seniors, and the management of the program requires that those who instruct it are competent, but also confident enough to push when a push is needed.  We have created an environment where hard work is fun, and hence, we get results…relatively quickly. Our foundations here are in CrossFit and we’re not afraid to say it – in fact, we’re proud to say it and most of our athletes will agree.  Pink dumbbells and seated beach ball exercises do not produce these kinds of results.

Fast forward 7 years our community has grown to over 100 seniors getting stronger, faster, more stable, and generally healthier!  Here’s to the next 7!


Today we continue our second week of 10 with our 10 rep back squat. Same as last week – but increase the load.

After we squat, we press – barbell push press alternating with more hanging hip flexion (rig knee-ups or straight leg raises)

Finally, a new glute movement. We’ll work on glute bridges – appropriate scaling for those who can’t get to the deck yet will be provided.

In the end – if time permits, we’ll tackle an EMOM of wall balls and planks – as a team of 2.

Hump Day is complete!