Mickey is amazingly mobile - beautiful squat and overhead. She's also great at graphic math!

Happy New Year, Legends!

2022 will find us stronger, more resilient, and more motivated to improve our health? Why? Comorbidities for COVID…that’s why. Almost all of the comorbidities that cause severe disease from COVID are lifestyle-related…meaning related to poor diet, excess body weight, lack of physical activity, lack of quality sleep, and poor management of stress. Well, guess what, we’re here to help with ALL OF THAT! Jump on board!

Today we’ll begin a new “cycle”. Cycles are basically your training program for the year broken down by priorities and then put in date order so we can progress in different aspects of training, like strength and metabolic conditioning. Sometimes we use a cycle to focus on a particular movement like pull ups (pulling) or push ups (pushing). This week we begin an uptick in intensity on Mondays- you’ll notice a “for time” workout every Monday where you previously were used to a circuit where each movement and rep scheme stood alone.

Our circuit is smaller today – only two movements – battling ropes and KB DL’s.

The metcon (or “for time”) workout will include jump rope and single DB HPC&J’s. There is a cap on this workout so move swiftly and efficiently.

Next, we’ll grab some barbells (Yay!) and work on a complex on the minute and a half.

Finally, we’ll cash out with some bodybuilding.

Happy 2022 Legends!