HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY TO RODGER (the one with the d!)!

OBG, Coach Nic, Sam and Wendy (also known as Cynthia) prepping to start the Say No To Drugs 5K last Saturday. It's a new and old crop of "Rebels"! 😈😈😈

Yes, two of your boxes athletes and two Coaches RAN & WALKED on the 18th in a fun 5K!  It was a beautiful morning, it was on the beach, there were runners (Wendy and Coach Nic), runners that also walked some (Sam, OBG, and Trish – not pictured but OBG’s wife!).  We earned a lot of “steps”, got out in the fresh Florida air, socialized, and felt super accomplished afterward. Hooray for the motivation to “get up and do it”!

It’s Hump Day and it’s Strength Day.

Every Wednesday we squat, press, and deadlift in some fashion. Today we’ll hit the rack with some lower rep, heavier barbell front squats.  When we do this it’s an opportunity to go a little heavier. If we’re still working on technique in the front rack, we can increase the reps of a lighter load to help hone that form so, later, we can squat heavier.

Next, we’ll work our overhead with DB clean and jerks – at higher reps to help get us ready for the Open.

Finally, we’ll barbell DL at medium reps.

We’ll cash out getting your heart rates up with some plyometric drills – supported and unsupported, meeting you wherever your level of ability is.