Meet Coach Trish! She inspires us all!

Coach Trish has coached Legends now for over 6 years! Trish is a Masters athlete and has been CrossFitting since March of 2011! (She’ll be shocked we know that!). We highlight Trish because she embodies everything we strive to do here. She is compassionate and cares for our athletes like they are her kids – she worries about them, obsesses over their progress, and is always looking for a way to make someone better – both coaches and athletes. She’s a leader…AND an amazing athlete – always working on skills, trying to get stronger, better, and fitter. What makes her an amazing coach aside from all of these things is that it’s always about you…the athlete, her fellow coaches, and her friends and family. She gives selflessly and communicates with her heart – the hallmark of a great coach. We’re lucky to have you, Trish!

…and back to our regularly scheduled program!

Hump Day is Strength Day.

You’ll have a barbell in your hands much of the day – which always makes us happy!

We’ll kick things off with a low bar bak squat by 5 reps – followed by both pressing and push pressing, and then some odd object deadlifts. We’ll spend most of our day here.

Cashing out with core and reaction time work…looks like an easy day but you’re going too sweat!