With salt, pepper, and avocado oil

…yup, that’s it. Salt, pepper, avocado oil and a hot oven for about 35 minutes. Whoever said eating healthy was hard or doesn’t taste good hasn’t tried. These crispy little suckers provide a ton of vitamins and minerals, fuel for training, and fill a healthy void for clean calories. #noexcuses #justdoit

Fri-Yay!  I love saying that!

We have a coach-led warm-up today so buckle up! Not saying it’s going to be easy.

After we recover from THAT 😂 we’ll hit up some back squats to start our Friday. Just a little does of strength on your metcon day.

Next up – teams of 2 – 20 minute cap:

3 rounds of:
150 jump rope or jumping jacks or toe ups
50x push-ups
15x hang power cleans

Break the reps up any way you want – one athlete works at a time (the other rests).

Finally, 4 rounds of accessory and bodybuilding work.

Have a great weekend fit family!