It’s November! Holy cow! Two months left until 2022…we all have goals – health goals are of high priority in the rankings, so let’s push hard through the food holidays and make some progress!

Warm-up today is with a moderate wall ball and more practice on clean pulls. Clean pulls are going to be our secret to success in reducing an early arm pull in the clean and preventing elbow pain and bad movement patterns. Embrace it. It’s kind of fun with a medicine ball. While we’re not full cleaning, we’re working on a part of this movement and this is a good video.


Our Monday four-rounder is a great one! Movements that can be progressed harder or regressed easier.  We’ll see steps ups, which we haven’t seen in a while, body rows (which are hard!) and single DB Thrusters, focusing on changing hands each rep.  Also, we’ll see the beginning progressions of a wall walk, which, for those of you doing the open is something to consider, but for those not doing the open is a harder version of a plank. It requires more core strength to protect your back and more general shoulder strength as the elevation increases. This is an easy movement to modify as strength increases.

Next up: a beautiful barbell complex! Who doesn’t like these?!

Finally, we’ll cash out with some core and mobility.

Great Monday, Team!