Happy Friday!

So, Ed won’t let us publish what part 1 is today – he says it’s a surprise. Now you HAVE to show up to see what it is 🙂

After that “surprise”, we’ll hit a new workout -we don’t often do “for time workouts” (as opposed to AMRAPS and EMOMS) for many reasons. But today we are. you’ll have a spicey rep scheme of burpees, KB swings, and jump rope. Goal: A) COMPLETE ALL THE REPS. Even if you’re behind. Technically you should not give us a time if you didn’t finish all the reps in the order they’re posted…one reason we don’t do “for time workouts” a lot. So be virtuous today!

You’ll need some transition time to rest after that monster WOD – so we’ll hit some planks, and finally some balance. Between the “surprise” and the KB swing workout – that’s your meat and potato for the day.

Have a great weekend!