Today’s a big day!

We celebrate that this would have been our 11th anniversary at Rebels, but as importantly it’s our 12th day anniversary at Legends/GMRx Clearwater!  It’s also Elin G’s Bday, and our Open Judge Stephanie D’s Bday. So much to celebrate!

Today we’ll see an atypical warm-up – let’s see how good you are at this before you’re all tuckered out from the workout….hmmmmm.

Our 4 rounds will challenge both our bodies and our minds as we’re going to try to work our logistics a little better to keep us organized today!  Pushups, Olympic lifts, high rep box step-ups, and DBalls…great way to spend a big chunk of the day.

We’ll hit some core, as per our usual. And finish up with some accessory work of bicep curls and walking lunges.

Mondays are well balanced with an opportunity to make things harder or easier, depending on what your body will let you do and what you feel like. Take advantage of the flexibility!