Slowly but surely we’re getting there!

  • We are continuing to see progress with the athletes
  • The new location is coming along (albeit slowly)
  • We have been approved as an official CrossFit Affiliate! Legends/GrandMasters new location will be @CrossFit Weaver Park!


This will be a strength day to remember! You’re going to love today’s program:

First up – from the rack, barbell front squats IMMEDIATELY followed by BB Thrusters – a beautiful pair. Core moves as an alternate.

Next – BB push press from the rack. WE haven’t pressed from the rack in a bit! Remember, braced core, then “dip, drive!” (not drip dry!😂😂) We’ll alternate with a pulling movement.

Final SWOD (strength workout): KB DL’s with lunges.

On to a push up drill, which will rival the last time we did this – it’s harder!

We’ll cash out with a “not or time” of WB slams and jump rope.

Well rounded Hump Day complete!