No, we’re not doing “Kalsu” today, but it will be your first taste of this WOD…probably one of the worst workouts (hardest) in the elite CrossFit Program called CrossFit Football, years back.

Here is what Kalsu is, as written. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever finished it (Sam here). With a cap of 60 minutes, at some point you just feel like you’re doing burpees!

So with THIS anticipation now stirring, let’s talk about your end-of-the-week workout.

We’ll start today with Bench Press versus Back Squat. We’ll be slipping this in regularly too.

After the Bench Press is when we see something that looks like Kalsu.  We have 5x burpees on the minute (like Kalsu), but you’ll have a 3:00 window to complete that and then accumulate ME thrusters with a double dumbbell. Rest, and repeat 😬.  You’ll love it!

Next up, some bird dogs and shoulder touches, finishing off with some accessory work.

Bench Press and “Kalsu-ish” are your priorities for the day.

Happy Friday Fit Family!