We hope all of the Easter candy is wearing off as we begin this week – today is a bit aggressive (eek!).

We start with a quick little warm-up and get right into our Monday 4-rounder:

We’ll do some Open-like work on burpees-over-a-box or burpee-box-step-ups. Whichever one you chose (or is chosen for you😈), they’re tough!

We’ll continue our work with bringing the power clean bar from the deck – this is called THE FIRST PULL. I linked a thorough article on this for those of you who’d like to geek out on it. The purpose of the first pull is to lift the barbell from the floor to the point at which the second pull is initiated (ideally around mid-thigh). It’s a little slower than the second pull and definitely slower than the third pull! (Have I confused you yet?) Trying not to, but today, just know: we’re focused on that first pull!

Some planks and DL’s will round out our four rounds.

What a Monday! Next up is 6 rounds of some DB work with positioning on the front squats, squat cleans, and thrusters.  Sound hard? Doing hard things is good!

Finally some accessory work and a little cash-out.

Mondays offer a lot of variety and today is no exception!