You’re going to see a few new things today in your warm-up, specifically focused on warming up your shoulders in anticipation of the rebounding push press later in the sessions.

We’ll start with some front squats to a box to ensure depth and help with our ability to “get out of the hole”. Box squats with the barbell in the front rack also help us work your front rack position a little better. “Elbows up” is your goal today.

After squatting we’ll hit that rebounding push press drill. Like last time, our goal here is “athleticism”, moving with a tight body, driving the knees out to the sides, and exploding by contracting legs and glutes (butt).  The rebound becomes the next priority as we “absorb” the barbell on way down and once again explode out of the bottom of the dip. All the time, maintaining elbows up and giving that barbell a launching and landing pad. So much to think about!

Continuing our efforts to get you stronger on Wednesdays, our last lift is the BB DL where we’ll use some pauses to work on key positions in the lift.

Finally, (yes, there’s more!) we’ll cap out with an EMOM of DB walking lunges and DB clean and jerks.

Happy Hump Day Legends!