Risk and Reward

That’s been a hot topic lately. It’s why our Legends Athletes progress so well, why we have such retention, and why this type of community builds itself.

Our Legends Athletes progress beautifully because of a lot of things:

  1. The programming is progressive.
  2. The skill level is challenging but not unattainable – athletes are always trying to get better with a certain standard in mind.
  3. The atmosphere is fun and electric.
  4. There is calculated risk, and a life without risk, including during retirement, is often boring and without progress..
  5. *There are expectations and they’re not easy to achieve.

We have great retention for several reasons:

See #1-5 above

Our community continues to build itself in name recognition, word-of-mouth referrals, and results. Results are easy to see, and easy to show your friends without saying anything.

Back to risk…it scares people when we admit there’s risk in our training. Of course, there is…risk is everywhere!

  • Car accidents could happen on the way to the gym
  • An athlete could trip and fall on the way in the door
  • Someone could “tweak a shoulder” during overhead presses
  • An athlete could drop a dumbbell on the floor and it could bounce into another athlete’s shin
  • And, someone could have a heart attack

These things could happen. They could happen at our gym…or they could happen at home. The difference is we are both monitoring for these things to provide support and hopefully prevention of them from occurring, and we are also prepared for them…prepared for anything.

Our philosophy on “this is risky”…”this type of training is risky”, can be stated in question form:

Is it as risky as…

  • sitting at home doing nothing?
  • lesser stressful or “risky” types of “exercise” that produce few if any true results?
    • and which don’t promote retention because they’re boring and the athlete doesn’t see results?

It may be risky.  But risk is a part of life. Calculated, strategic risk is what is going on here…which leads us to the CrossFit Open.

OMG! Your athletes ARE NOT doing the Open are they? It’s too dangerous for someone [that age]/[with those limitations].🙄

Pshaw! (look it up!)

Our gym is actually FEATURED (above) on the Open registration page!  It’s a sign we’re going to do it, and we’re going to do it well, safely, and with the same excitement the young athletes face…and this is why:

CROSSFIT is the Legends athletes’ sport too. It’s a sport! There are supposed to be times where you feel that “oh no, they’re putting me in the game?” feeling.  That’s what makes it fun, exciting, and challenging! Without challenge, there is no change, and we’re creating change here!

Rest assured our Legends athletes will have judges who will not only understand everything about their athlete, but they’ll have a structured plan to get them through the workout – safely, but not without challenge. In the end, they’ll be tired – for sure they’ll be tired. The sense of accomplishment and thrill from the endorphins will once again, bring them up a level in their “game” or sport and in their health and fitness.

Yes, our Legends athletes are doing the CrossFit Open!