We warm up with a light barbell or PVC in specific work/rest intervals. We hip hinge, we squat, we “jump”-ish, and we press overhead. We are SERIOUSLY warmed up after all of that.

Fridays are conditioning days. Heart rates are a little higher and we’re more out of breath…but we’re conditioning that muscle no one sees today: the heart (and the lungs).

Wall Balls are hard, yet excellent for seniors – there is basic squat depth, there is a front load, there is a little speed in the ascent, and there is a throw and catch…coordination. We do wall balls today – hard yet rewarding.

We will take a break from the intensity and work on some core.

Finally, in teams of 2, socially distanced, we work a dumbbell complex, on the minute. We control the work and rest ration, yet have some fun with load!

Our man, Bruce. RIP. Bruce will forever be in our hearts.