Jay Knickerbocker Photography

Today is strength day – we lift a little heavier (if we can, and feel up to it) and get a little stronger on Wednesdays.

We start with some front squats with a heavy dumbbell in the front rack position, alternating with sit ups and variations.

Next some fast twitch muscle fiber stimulation with some dumbbell olympic lifting. Dumbbells give us an element of safety over the barbell and some flexibility with range of motion.  In addition to this we’ll do some scapular retraction exercises in a “long sit” position – challenging on a lot of fronts!

Odd object work challenges us in many ways – nothing in life is as straight forward as a dumbbell or a barbell. So some heavy D-ball work is just the thing!

Our conditioning for today is a burpee workout – on the minute – 6x burpees, at the athletes level of ability, for 6 minutes.

Finally – a little durability work: situps and something to elevate the heart rate.

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