Our Mission

Our mission is to put a Legends (or GrandMastersRx) Program in every community in the U.S.
We will do this by providing funding to underserved communities in need through our 501c3.
We will do this by providing the most cutting edge education and resources to providers of this service.
But above all, we will do this because we believe that maximizing the health and enhancing the quality of life of our seniors is the greatest gift we can give.

Build A Legends Program
in your Gym or Fitness Center…
Change Lives!

The Legends Program @ CrossFit Rebels was “the first”. The first of many throughout the country. The Legends Program lets seniors find the skip in their step literally – as opposed to the shuffle.  Through weightlifting, medium-to-high intensity interval training, bodyweight exercises, we help seniors become stronger, fitter, faster and more functional, which leads to greater independence longer into their retirement years.

The Legends Program can be replicated in almost any fitness facility. Learn how below.


Get Financial Help or Donate
To Help Build Legends Programs
Through our 501c3/Not-For-Profit

Through our 501c3, we are able to help gyms and communities, who could otherwise not afford to travel or attend the Seminar, purchase the Program Manual, build a Legends Program to serve the health and fitness needs of their community. In addition, we may be able to help you subsidize potential members who cannot afford membership to your new Legends Program.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Get Financial Help or Donate

There’s no better way to understand or experience the Legends Program than by seeing it…or being a part of it!