Coach Sam here. Ed and I are on an absolute TEAR this year to make our athletes, and frankly anyone who will listen to us 😂, take control of their health.

Obviously, based on our membership demographic here at the box, we’re slightly leaning into the senior population, but what’s good for the gosling is good for the goose! (a play on goose and gander).

Dr. Luks has been writing about this for years, and we wish this message would get out there more to the medical professionals who are using terminology like:

  • You’re “bone on bone”
  • Your knee is shot
  • I don’t know how you’re even still walking

We hear this from our athletes all the time, as communicated to them by their healthcare professionals. What happened to “do no harm”?   If you don’t believe that being told this isn’t going to create or increase negative symptoms…you’re missing something. Or stated positively, being told “I haven’t seen a knee this bad in years” may likely make your knee feel worse simply because you’ve just been told this by your provider! It’s true. And it’s sad. How about, “I’ve seen knees this bad in people who are asymptomatic…there may be things you can do”…so much better!

Here’s a good quick read from Dr. Luks on OA and what YOU have the power to control. If you’re “ready to go have surgery” and you haven’t tried the things in this article…well….all we can say is the grass isn’t always greener. We believe, and science proves, that if you are ready for extreme intervention, the intervention will be more successful if you tackle the lifestyle issues FIRST. You’ll heal better, you’ll be better ready for that intervention…and who knows, maybe your symptoms will abate and you’ll choose not to have it? Food for thought.


From Dr. Howard Luks, MD
Osteoarthritis of the Knee: Unraveling the Impact of Metabolic Health and Lifestyle


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