It’s October! Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month efforts begin! Starting with…

Your training…health is the most important thing you can have when dealing with a “disease” …ugh…what a word. So, let’s go!

Today your four-rounder will see:

  • Step-ups in high reps (Chad1000x is on Friday 11/10 and you WILL BE READY
  • Dbl DB DLs…you always ask why…why not a barbell?…because dumbbells expose weaknesses and in this case, mobility! Do them!
  • Pulling – whether you are working on horizontal or vertical pulling, work your progression and get better at it so you can move up
  • KB swing…something heavy to compliment the DL in the posterior chain work

Then, a little metcon in Tabata format with alternating HPC&J and balance/single-legged stands.

Great training day…if you showed up! More on that later.