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Q: Why have the program and classes seemed to get harder over the years since the days we started at AWI?

A: Because you continue to show progress with more stimulus. Because the science says seniors need more exposure to exercise than we thought to maintain and progress. Everything we do is scalable. So regardless of the loads or volume, the program can be tailored to your needs…the problem is some of you think your needs are less than what is truly needed to keep you at your same level of ability…even as you age.

Q: Should I get a heart rate tracker?

A: This question has come up a lot lately, and if you have the means, we think it’s a good idea. While some fitness centers will use RPE (rate of perceived exertion) to measure how hard you’re working, most people sorely overestimate their RPE…so when you think you’re working at an RPE of 4 to 6 or at a moderate level (70-80% of your max heart rate), studies tell us you’re concept of that level of work is off a bit. Measuring it with numbers versus feelings is more accurate.

Q: How early can I arrive for my class?

A: 15 minutes. Please…while the gym is most often “open”, our policy is a coach will be “ready” 15 minutes before the class, but not for supervision. There is no training or the like on the gym floor before class (unless you are signed up for Open Gym). We established the “Playground” or the turf area for stretching, mobilization and sometimes napping (LOL) before and after class. The gym floor is off-limits until you’re called to the floor for your class.

If you arrive “too early” and the doors are locked… the front door will be open 15 minutes prior to your class (specifically for the 7:00 am and 5:30 pm classes). Only those signed up for Open Gym will have been informed as to how to get in and use the gym during “non-class hours”.

Q: Continuing the question above, “So why are there people, and younger people, on the floor working out when you tell me I can’t”?

A: Open Gym is the answer. Open Gym is a “program” where athletes can pay an additional $30 a month to use the gym during non-class hours. This program is limited to those that are independent and “know what they’re going” unsupervised. We reserve the right to identify that ability in a person. Open Gym is to be arranged by Ed or Sam. There is an agreement you sign and it’s a monthly fee – no prorations.

Why the young people? We recently opened up this program to non-members of the box. The gym lays empty 6 hours a day MWF and we felt like it was a waste of clean, well-equipped training space.

There will be a list of those registered for Open Gym posted near the front desk.

Q:  It’s really getting hot out. Are you sure we shouldn’t turn on the AC?

A:  Pretty sure 🙂 It’s hot every year, every summer. This year it does seem to be hitting us earlier. But our friends in Texas have it much worse off. Here’s what we recommend.

    • Stay hydrated. Not just with water, but electrolytes. Here are a quick couple of reads about hydration and where you may be mistaken about “electrolyte mixes”.
    • Wear light, breathable clothing. Yes, cotton/breathable socks and some type of athletic shoes are recommended. No sandals.
    • Consider a cooling towel. They work. They usually come with a plastic bag/case that you can store in the refrigerator in the Playground (put your name on it) during class so you can grab it when the heat starts getting to you. They’re pretty cheap – Amazon has great deals 
    • Take frequent breaks.
    • Tell a coach when you’re feeling overheated – sooner than later – so we can get you cooled off.
    • Acclimate. Not coming because it’s hot just makes it harder for you the next time. If you spend all day in the AC …acclimatization is going to take a little bit, but it’ll happen. It does every year for those who commit.

Q:  Are you open on Saturdays?

Not at this time.

Q:  Someone said you have a waiting list? What is that and why?

Yes we do. Such a problem to have, right?

Due to space and lack of head coaches, and the way we staff (a higher quality, lower, coach-to-athlete ratio), all of our classes are capped.

  • 7am is capped at 20 athletes
  • 8am is also capped at 20
  • 9am is capped at 17
  • 10am is capped at 22
  • the 5:30pm is capped at 17
    (the two lower cap classes have one less coach in them)

Our waiting list is up to just over 20 people and is predominantly for the 7am and 5:30* pm classes. This tells us that there are young seniors out there that need a little more experienced coaching to help maneuver the common body and health issues that occur after the big 5-0! (and the reason Ed and Sam are so consumed in and dedicated to the completion of the educational company because a CFL1 and “knowing how to CF” just isn’t enough.

Note: the 5:30 class WAS designed for the younger, working population so that we could increase our coach-to-athlete ratio a bit.

The only way to get these people in is a) expand the gym (cost- and time-prohibitive right now) or add hours, which requires more high-level coaching bodies. We’re working on it guys – we promise!

Stay tuned for Volume 3