Andy clean


11-12 days until we feast again…so let’s continue to make solid nutritional choices ….as it’s the foundation of your development in this sport, and the foundation for a healthy life….AND train hard!

Today our four-round Monday is a hefty one!

We’ll see wall balls ascending in reps, high repetition sit-ups, a nice solid strict press drill, and some rig knee-ups.

A note on “rig knee-ups”. We use rig knee-ups as a “toes to bar” version for seniors. This is not to say that toes-to-bar isn’t possible for seniors. Quite the contrary.  However, when we speak of “kipping toes-to-bar”, we cannot successfully do this without a proper beat swing. That “tick-tock” like controlled hollow to arch swing that gives us the power to string together toes to bar. Most athletes work that beat swing for weeks and weeks until they master it before they move to adding legs. We put this out there because we need to see this before you start swinging those feet over your head!

Next, we have a long EMOMMM of BB DL’s and HPC’s…which will be great conditioning and grip strength work.

Finally, some tricep work and we’ll call it a day!