Mary M

Monday 10/25…we are ZOOMING THROUGH OCTOBER, folks! Yikes! Let’s get some work done before it’s Christmas!

We’re using all the toys today: dumbbells, wall balls, kettlebells, barbells, jump ropes, and bands…be expeditious as we need to “get cracking” to get all of this in today.

After a spirited warm-up with dumbbells, our four-rounder consists of descending reps of a KB DL, core work, odd object thrusters, and more higher rep jump rope…getting ready for the open!

Next up: a super traditional barbell complex increasing in load for 5 rounds. Spicey!

Finally, we’ll cash out with an EMOM using the bands – hips and back, hips and back. YOu’ll love it!

Happy Monday fam!