Good Morning Legends!

We are back. Many of us are probably slower than when we left, but we’ll get back to where we were. The important thing is to show up! I know it’s hard – trust me. Coach Sam here and all I still want to do I sleep. But I know moving is going to help, so here we are.

Rules for today are: if you’ve been out with COVID, take it very easy! Move at a pace you’re comfortable with. By next Monday you’ll be great!

We start today’s WOD with a 6 min EMOM as a warm-up:
Arm Circles in front
Arm Circles overhead
Good mornings
High knee marches

And back to the grind: Four Roud Monday:

  • push-ups
  • single DL C&J
  • sit-ups or seated knee ups
  • single KB DL

Take your time working through this. It’s no Friday – no rush.

Next up, a 5 minute EMOM of banded pull aparts and HKM arranged in an interesting pattern

Finally, some planks and balance. It’ll be good! Perfect day 1 back.

Don’t forget our first big group outing (after the Open House). Sign up at the desk. It’s an outside event – super safe. Come and enjoy time with friends!