Oh Hey There “Partner”!

Okay, what’s going on right?

Most of you know – we made announcements in class last month so there were no surprises, and since, there has been A LOT of activity! So let’s recap, and also share where we are with CrossFit Weaver Park, the home box of our GrandMastersRx Program.

On, or around the first of November (because this photo was taken the week after the Theo event at the end of October), Ed and I met with this spry young lady, Melissa Conklin, who had expressed interest in partnering with us and running the CrossFit Weaver Park “side” of our gym. As those who’ve been with us know, our challenge after having left Rebels three years ago was “running a full-on gym” again. This was never in our plans, and with the unfortunate but necessary departure from Rebels, our commitment to our program, our people and our future project of the educational company necessitated us leaving and doing what we did. Was it the right decision? In some ways yes, and in some ways it presented many more challenges. Challenges we weren’t prepared for, specifically with the obstacles we were dealt over the past three years. But, if you know us, and Ed specifically, we can grind through most anything.  During that “grind”, about a year ago, we met Melissa. She came to us referred by Falon, and truth be told, I tried to talk her into looking at one of the nearby boxes because she was on the younger side of the spectrum, AND she was pretty darn fit! To no avail, she wanted to join our program. She entered one of our younger classes (e.g., the average age being maybe 70 versus 80-) and for sure, she was right…she’s an old soul at 57! She excelled. And even though, like Ed and I when we entered CrossFit, she had a fitness background, CrossFit rocked her world and is going to shape it for the rest of her life. We were kind of hooked on her. She was just like us: she saw the efficacy in how this style of training could literally save the life of an older person succumbing to modern aging.

She is, however, younger, and we kept pushing her that she needed more. She started training with Ed and I occasionally on a Saturday so we could expose her to a fuller range of movements that may not have been safe for older athletes in group setting (like a full snatch). Again, she got hooked.

We talked with great passion about the “OG” Rebels that we’d built and in it’s day what a grand thing it was. One day, she said: “You know, I’ve always wanted to own a gym…”. And the rest is history. The right personality. The right purpose. And the right person. THAT’s what it takes to be successful in our industry, and we felt she had it: the right stuff.

For GrandMastersRx athletes, very little has changed. In fact, your open gym opportunities have expanded.
For those OG Rebels that experienced the challenge of the “last” transition, all we can say is we keep trying to the right thing for the right reason at the right time. There may have been some things with that transition that weren’t overly apparent to us, and hence the challenges…and abundant changes. We certainly have regrets. Here, there is nothing to change, only to grow. So the outcome will be different.

While this is not a post about Melissa, necessarily, but rather about CrossFit Weaver Park, the culture, the program and our partnership, it’ll do us good to validate her because after all, we did CHOOSE to enter into a relationship with her, and Ed and I are relationship people, so here goes:

  • Yes, she’s pretty…but that wasn’t a criteria 😂😂. She dresses up nice, huh? (Left was her overly pink Barbells for Boobs attire…I don’t think she owns anything else pink!)
  • She has a background in bodybuilding…can you tell? Great physique.
  • Her recent work history includes the development and orchestration of call centers and care protocols in the medical/mental health industries.
  • She’s a yoga teacher! Now, don’t let that sway you…we CrossFitters sometimes look at yoga sideways…you should ask her about her training …you’ll bond immediately!
  • She seems to be super happy with the caliber of people we’ve introduced her to: down-to-earth, nice, transparent and hungry for fitness in “middle to early-middle age”.
  • She loves pull ups and burpees (sound familiar?). She hates ring rows.
  • She’s a cat person. (don’t judge – so are we!)

So what does our relationship look like? Ed and I run our program, GrandMastersRx, out of the affiliate CrossFit Weaver Park, which Melissa is now running and will be the affiliate owner on record as of our renewal date.

Melissa is in charge of the box…if you want to make a comment about cleaning, hours or the music…Melissa is your girl.

Ed and I maintain our MWF 7am to 11am, and 5:30pm GrandMastersRx classes.

There are now CFWP classes flanking most of the classes, so our punctuality with all classes must look like that of those that already had a class before and after.

The Coaching Team for CFWP currently includes, Melissa, Pete and Falon, that you know. Additionally, “Slice” (Matt Williams) and Kat and AJ Beattie. I’ve been pinch hitting here and there when needed and I’m sure Ed will make some cameo appearances in the near future.

…and that’s the current state of GMRx and CFWP.